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07.07.17 - 23.07.17

In addition to our current exhibition "Blind Date" showing works from Troels Sandegård and Absalon Kirkeby, CCA is happy to present Sandegård'sSelf Portraits - Perspiration and Respiration - a series of work that aligns the processual work of physical presence and absence of the artist, which is also to be found in his brass cubes shown in Blind Date*.

The Self Portraits are humid representations of the artist's perspiration and respiration centered around clinically constructed sweat. The sweat is synthetically made to match the exact composition of salt and minerals within the artist's body. While slowly dripping down upon different metal plates, the salty substance is creating layer upon layer of salt deposits and thereby stating the physical absence of the artist.

01.07.17 - 30.07.17

CCA Andratx is pleased to introduce Virtual Reality Art for the first time on Mallorca this Summer. Thanks to a collaborative pop-up project between the Danish Tech company ATEA Future Growth and CCA, the four artists staying in the CCA Studios taking part in our renowned residency program during July 2017 will experiment the wide possibilities and artistic forms that this equipment can offer.

Artistic projects created in VR are currently leading the art scene and are being presented in the world's major art events, such as biennales and art fairs, becoming the most challenging cutting edge art practice determined to evolve the art+technology binomial.

Through the virtual reality platform HTC Vive we offer the artists Absalon Kirkeby, Troels Sandegaard, Thomas Øvlisen and Mille Kalsmose the possibility to use Tilt Brush by Google, a simulated palette that enables one to paint in virtual 3D space to produce installations that the visitors of CCA will be able to move through and interact with. Furthermore it is possible to see their creative processes from start to finish with HTC Vive's playback technology. As a visitor at CCA Andratx you will also get the chance to try creating a virtual reality masterpiece of your own.

07.07.17 - 17.09.17

TROELS SANDEGÅRD & ABSALON KIRKEBY. Blind Date - Set up by Tania & Thomas Asbæk


A blind date is a casually staged rendezvous between two parties conjured by a third. The third party dreams up what kind of merging and becoming the combination of the two might yield. Blind dating as such is a rather eroded concept due to the fast processing, comparative and visually tuned mechanisms of online platforms. There is a sense of responsibility tied to the third party’s role, since the two parts are not visually acquainted. A blind date thrives in easy, open and social spaces.

The artists Troels Sandegård and Absalon Kirkeby were not familiar with each other’s practises prior to this setup at CCA Andratx. Where the structure of the blind date is meant to be brief and introductory, this exhibition is more of a coexistence inhabiting walls and floor. In a time where many ways of coming together have expired and been replaced by a refocusing of the constantly progressing social self, even the once daring almost performative encounter of the blind date is now meaningless and forgotten. Troels Sandegård and Absalon Kirkeby share a common devotion to their mediums and thus an almost stubborn way of engaging in their own process. Light, air, shape and reflection take on different roles in the multitudinous layers of moments, data, pixels, metals and minerals as the images and the sculptures exist as containers of registered life. There is a resonance in the density of information stored in both bodies of work.

Sandegård has a pre-thought process on which he has to follow through, often revealing a presence of something invisible to the eye and translating it into something physical. A synthetical representation of his own body’s perspiration manifesting itself as mineral landscapes interacting with the alchemy of different types of metals. He also works with the impact of breathing in a closed space, where a negative mass renders visible by being sucked out of a brass cube at different intervals, with the volume equalling the amount of oxygen the artist’s own body uses over a period of one hour, leaving a selection of different stages of collapses.

Kirkeby’s process catches the complexities of the automatics of watching and transforms that into an image. His investigations take him to the root of image creation, construction and reception. The work traces the mobility of images captured in real life unto the screen; motifs dissolve their own motifs through a sifting and sorting process, in which the artist composes numerous layers of perception utilizing the computer as a palette for mixing and diluting the information the camera has obtained. The work discloses itself after being printed. In this emerged state the artist can tell whether the piece is or not, but the work is continuously under construction.

Where Sandegård gives shape to emptiness and indicates absence, Kirkeby conceals and transforms presence into strata of realities. They share a reductive and yet at the same time an accumulative approach.

As for the blind date: in this context one can consider it more as metaphoric coordinates matching two artistic practices. The title gives language to the curators Tania and Thomas Asbæk’s imagined idea of a togetherness. CCA Andratx are excited to witness how the exhibition will unfold. Both artists will stay and work in the CCA Studios in July 2017 as a part of the renowned Artists-in-Residence Program at CCA Andratx, Mallorca.


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